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    Exhibitors Definition

    For suppliers in the central kitchen industry who want to directly contact and reach business cooperation with domestic and foreign buyers, participating in the Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Integration Exhibition (CKEXPO) is an effective way to achieve their goals.
    CKEXPO-Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Integration Exhibition provides a unique business opportunity for central kitchen industry suppliers to directly contact target buyers around the world, establish business contacts and improve sales performance.
    Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Integrated Exhibition (CKIE) is the important part of CIE CHINA. As an effective way to realize intensive, standardized, specialized and industrialized of food and beverage for Catering industry , the catering industry has been paid more attention and applied by employees in the field of catering industry. After several years of accumulation and precipitation, hundreds of excellent central kitchen suppliers from all over the world will be invited to participate in the exhibition and tens of thousands of hotel, catering, aviation, schools, factories, troops, hospitals and other major principals will come to visit and purchase every year. It builds an important procurement transaction platform for promoting the development of China's central kitchen industry and occupies an extremely important position in the international professional exhibition of central kitchen. During the exhibition, professor zhang liqiang who is the vice President of Beijing Agricultural University, expert in central kitchen, and Mr. Lin ruibiao,who is the guest speaker of National University of Singapore and Beijing Jiaotong University were invited to discuss topics such as construction and development of central kitchen, kitchen management and utilization and improvement of catering enterprises. Nearly 400 major catering enterprises from home and abroad participated in the activity, and elaborated and interacted on topics such as giving full play to the role of central kitchen to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, catering kitchen supply chain management, improvement of central kitchen productivity and management efficiency of stores.The activity has been strongly supported and participated by A large number of catering enterprises, equipment manufacturers and relevant industry organizations, which made representatives and guest speaker to achieve the desired effect. In order to further expand the market demand of central kitchen and promote the development of industry brands, the organizer of Golden Commercial(GOLDENEXPO)will continue to make full use of the CIE CHINA to promote the development of central kitchen industry in China. Therefore, " China Catering Industry Expo 2022 And The 7th Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Integrated Exhibition” is still hold on November 24-26, 2022, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Central kitchen field experts at home and abroad will be invited to speech and share experiences in view of the central kitchen in the construction, use, operation, management and other links, contribute to the construction of China's central kitchen and the development of China's catering industry during the exhibition. Enterprises related to domestic and foreign groups' meals and catering chains will be gather together to enhance friendship through face-to-face communication in the exhibition, so as to promote win-win cooperation between the supply and demand sides.
    Concurrent Activities
    Central kitchen innovative development forum, special food innovative development forum and award ceremony, excellent chef culinary creative championship, one-on-one buyer meeting, international aviation food hygiene supervision and quality control seminar. It will attract the attention of many international organizations and colleagues in the industry.
    Major exhibits
    • Catering and service: Chinese and western food, catering and raw material, catering IT and management etc.
    • Central Kitchen Equipments: central kitchen whole design, central kitchen full set, products and technology, etc;
    • Chinese and Western Kitchen Equipments: cooking equipment, baking equipment, kitchen stove, induction cooker, microwave oven and oven, etc;
    • Fast Food Equipment: fast food table, heat preservation tank, cold drink machine, and burger machine, etc;
    • Storage Equipment: ambry, fresh cabinet, ingredients cabinets, shelves and plastic wrap, etc;
    • Refrigeration Equipment: ice machine, freezer, cold storage and refrigerator, etc;
    • Exhaust Equipment: range hood, purifier and exhaust fan, etc;
    • Food Processing Plant: coffee machine, juicer, meat grinder, dough mixer, vegetable cutter and meat cutter, etc;
    • Washing Disinfection Equipment: dish-washing machine, disinfection cabinet, vegetable basin, sewerage and waste disposal facilities, etc;
    • Kitchen Supplies: kitchen knife, stainless steel tableware, chopping block, slice and colander, etc;
    • Conditioning Equipment: mill, stirrer, eggbeater, soybean milk machine, food cutting tools, etc;
    • Table Supplies and Restaurant Service Supplies: ceramic ware, tray, knife and fork, kettle and wine glasses, etc
    Target Visitors
    • The distributors, agents and wholesalers of central kitchen equipment in domestic and overseas regions;
    • Restaurant enterprises and restaurant chain enterprises: restaurant enterprises and chain enterprises purchasing centers and purchasing managers, etc;
    • Hotels, restaurants and cafes: all kinds of hotels, group meal, restaurants, and cafes (catering managers), chain restaurants, large catering center and chain hotels, etc;
    • Related kitchen equipment market and hypermarket merchants, and storekeepers of kitchen supplies;
    • Schools, army, hospitals and enterprises: schools, army, hospitals and enterprises catering purchasing principals;
    • Aviation, railway and shipping: airline catering companies and railway catering companies with purchasing departments, Cruise and ferry catering companies with purchasing departments, etc;
    • E-business: designers of central kitchen equipments, technician and buyers, etc
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