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    The new feature and competitive advantage of Chinese catering industry


    With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the catering industry has also achieved a great success. There come many famous listed companies in the catering industry, such as the Little Sheep, QUANJUDE, South Beauty. These catering companies are famous for their special flavor and traditional culture which may even make them enjoy a high reputation overseas. Nowadays the Chinese catering industry begin to explore a wider world in the way of globalization.
    A.The new features of Chinese catering industry
    Recently, the Chinese catering industry appears five main features:
    • Firstly, the structural adjustment of the catering industry presents new pattern. The hotel use top-quality strategy, featured restaurants represent traditional food culture, fast-food restaurants meet the requirement of fast-paced life, holiday catering industry cater for the customers in holiday or their leisure time.
    • Secondly, the market share of private enterprises in the catering industry is growing. Last year, among the first hundred enterprises in the Chinese catering industry, there are 52 private enterprises.
    • Thirdly, the Chinese catering industry speed up its process of globalization. The reputation and internationalization of Chinese food has improved.
    • What’s more, the consumption during holiday has become a new point of economic growth. Last year, during the Spring Festival, Labor Day, National Day’s golden week, the turnover in catering industry reached 250 billion yuan, which account for 50% of that all the year round.
    • Moreover, the chains in food market developed rapidly. The modern catering industry which is famous for its chains operating, brand building and technology innovation is replacing the traditional one whose features are casual production, single store operating and individual experienced management. The catering industry makes great strides, and is striding forward in 4 directions: industrialization, chains, groups and modernization.
    B. The competitive advantage of Chinese catering industry
    We have a long history of 5000 years which is famous for its culture and mystery.
    Among the foreigners, we can have a competitive advantage through combining the food with the special culture and history.
    According to my analysis and summary, there are several points as follows:
    • Featured food or specialty. We have so many provinces that everyone has its featured food and those specialties are in various flavor, which are introduced before. So we can absorb the essence from traditional food, then associate with the modern element and popular style, every specialty will become a famous brand.
    • We can combine the catering industry with the tourism. Since we have so many places of interest that we can make full use of them to build up a two-bran of both tourism and specialty, which can become a competitive advantage. For example, the seafood of Qingdao and its beach scenery. And maybe the specialty itself is a source of tourism.
    • We can integrate the catering industry with the special culture, whose novelty can satisfy the foreigners greatly, such as the legend. For example, South Beauty utilizes the Peking Opera as its logo and it also put Peking Opera into their dishes.